Teachers are more than educators to our children

March 6, 2018

I am a proud West Virginian, born and raised here.  I attended public schools and graduated from Sissonville High School and West Virginia State University.  I consider myself a success, and I credit a large part of this to public education.  When I attended school, educators were treated with respect and dignity.  They were role models in our society.  Sadly, it seems that we have relegated the teaching profession to nothing more than a necessary evil. 


​Today, teachers face issues every day that I cannot remember ever happening when I attended school.  They see neglect, abuse, and drug addiction to name a few.  Teachers are more than educators to our children. They support children in extracurricular activities. They are a shoulder to cry on. They buy shoes, clothes, and other basic needs that children do not get at home.  They pack bags and backpacks with food for children for the weekend.  In some cases, they are the only adults in a child’s life that will show them they care.


Teachers also have to create lesson plans, buy school supplies, grade papers, and take classes for their continuing education – often on their own time and at their own expense. All of this comes after spending a full work day teaching our children in the classroom.


We as a society owe them a great deal of gratitude because they are teaching in a world that we do not fully understand.


Teachers will always have my support!




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