Campaign Platform

End Corruption

I will create more oversight on public dollars, like the ones that were supposed to be allocated through RISE WV to help flood victims. I will not be beholden to corporate interests in order to earn campaign contributions and will always put the people of the 39th House District first.

Protect Healthcare

I will fully fund PEIA. I oppose the cuts to senior care that were made this year in order to provide air conditioning to inmates in state prisons. I will restore funding for in-home care for seniors and will stand up to special interests trying to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Seniors and Working Families

I believe that taxes on West Virginia’s seniors and working families are too high. I pledge to remove the tax on social security benefits for our seniors and will work hard to reverse the tax cut recently given to West Virginia’s wealthiest people who make over $100,000, replacing it with policies that help working families and seniors.

Reinvest in Public Education

I know that education is the only path for our children’s future. I will fight for better pay for teachers and school service personnel, as well as classroom funding - not because I'm told to do it by my party’s leadership, but because it’s the right thing to do. I will also restore funding to colleges and universities so that tuition is made more affordable.

Natural Resources

I am committed to preserving the rights and resources necessary for all West Virginians to enjoy our beautiful natural resources through hunting, fishing, camping, rafting, and other outdoor pursuits. To that end, I am a member of the NRA, WV Citizens Defense League, and the WV Rifle and Pistol Association. We owe it to the next generation so they too can enjoy the same privileges I was blessed to have. I will increase funding to support our sate fisheries and hatcheries and fight against commercial logging in our state parks and forests.


I will restore the prevailing wage to protect local jobs from out-of-state workers and foreign labor. I believe in investing in job training and workforce development and create training programs for students who don’t plan to attend college but want to learn a skill in order to earn a good wage.


Paid for by the Committee to Elect David "Woody" Holmes - Eric Holmes, Treasurer